Friday, June 3, 2011

Grief causing Reflection

Today I attended the funeral of a beloved friend. My Bible study leader was unexpectedly taken with cancer. This morning a very long time friend was also taken, shot and killed by her estranged husband at the bus stop in front of her little girl. What is God trying to teach me? I am listening for the still small voice.

While I wait for His answer, in my heart, I see the room for improvement in my life. My children are so precious, and they are even more precious to my Savior than they are to me. How can that be? I would give my very life for them. There is One who has already given that and more.

Next, I come to my husband whom I adore. Why do I search the internet when he calls? Why don't I sit and watch the sports with him? I need to give more of myself to him in that can't-get-enough-of-you manner I had when we were dating.

Finally, I know I need to change how I look at the future. Should I be living or be believing? Sometimes I get caught up in the next super coupon deal at the drug store and forget about the eternal hope we have. My Savior has paid the penalty and I am free to live for Him. Do you know Him?

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